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Section One: The Nature of the Church and Current Issues 

Church Organization Part 1
Church Organization Part 2
Historical quotations of helpful history of the Church Manual
Religious Liberty in the Church 


Issues Book 1. Discusses the real vs. the side issues and pseudo (false) issues in the controversy that has developed between the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and Historic Adventists. 


Issues Book 2. Discusses the nature of the church.  The appendices of this booklet also list definitions and descriptions of the true church, definitions of the professed church, and also fundamental principles of historic Adventism, as written by James White.  Also, an appendix on “Who is the church that appears to fall, but does not” is included.

None Dare Call it Apostasy. Details the problem with apostasy in Adventism today. 

No New Organization.  Answers questions about the accusation that historic Adventists have started some new movement or new church.

Section Two: Home Church Organization

Fundamental Principles by James White.  This statement can be used as a basis for developing the charter membership of your home church.  There is a place on page five for those who want to state publicly that they believe in these fundamental principles of historic Adventism to sign their name and become a charter member of the home church. 

Who is an Historic Adventist?  Contains the fundamental principles by James White as listed above as well as comments. 

Steps to Life Bible Study # 24.  Study on the importance of Baptism. 

Guiding Principles for Examination of Baptismal Candidates.  This is a document that can be used when reviewing candidates in preparation of baptism.

“The Church that has no Pastor” by Pastor Marshall Grosboll   Sermon that outlines how to organize your Sabbath School and church services.

Part 1 (Sermon Note)

Part 2 (Sermon Note)

Historic Adventist Landmarks February 1996 Issue of Land Marks magazine that deals with “Who and What is the Church?”. 

Special Report on the Sacred Name. Report on the controversy of what is the proper way to address God. 

Financing God’s Last Army.  This booklet gives information on the proper use of tithes and offering.

To Ordain or Not to Ordain. Deals with the question of ordination in the home church movement. 

The Tithe Problem…Who is Responsible? Deals with the issue of tithe. 

Women Speaking in the Church. A special report that addresses the issue of women speaking in church.

Types and Shadows.  A special report dealing with the issue of the Feast Day movement. 

How to Keep the Sabbath.  This booklet that can be used to help your new members and those who are studying Adventism, to learn how to properly observe the Sabbath.

Printable forms

Money Received Form
Record of Individual Contributions (January - June) Form
Record of Individual Contributions (July - December) Form
Monthly Summary of Receipts and Disbursements
Sample of a Tithe & Offering Envelope


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