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The Religion of the Pharisees

by Pastor John Grosboll


A few months ago I was preparing to make a trip to Europe, first to a campmeeting at Lia and then to another campmeeting in the Netherlands. I wanted to have spiritual material along with me to study on my trip. You cannot take your whole library with you. So I got on my computer and I ran off several hundred pages of quotations on a subject that I had wanted to study.

I thought, when I am in Europe, I will start studying this. And I did start studying this. But I had too many pages to read in Europe. So I have been reading them since I have been home. The quotations that I was studying are about the Pharisees in the time of Christ. As I have studied these things, I realize that if I ever preach on this subject, I am not just preaching to other people; I am preaching to myself.

As I have studied these things I am fearful of Phariseeism. I do not want to be a Pharisee myself. That is one of the reasons I am giving diligent study to them. I want to find out what these characteristics are and I want to avoid these characteristics myself. We know that this is going to be a problem in the church in the last days because of the following quotations:

Selected Messages, vol. 1, 406. "We want to understand the time in which we live. We do not half understand it. We do not half take it in. My heart trembles in me when I think of what a foe we have to meet, and how poorly we are prepared to meet him. The trials of the children of Israel, and their attitude just before the first coming of Christ, has been presented before me again and again to illustrate the position of the people of God in their experience before the second coming of Christ--how the enemy sought every occasion to take control of the minds of the Jews, and today is seeking to blind the minds of Gods servants, that they may not be able to discern the precious truth."

Was the devil successful? He was very successful. And they believed that they were the exclusive children of God. They believed that they were the people of God. They could look back at the sacred history and what they told us about sacred history was true. God really had chosen Abraham. God really had made promises to Abraham’s seed. Those promises were unchangeable. They were wonderful.

They included a promise of an eternal inheritance. They used to study genealogy in those days. Paul said not to worry about that any more. When he wrote to Timothy, he said, Do not worry about all these worthless genealogies. The people that could look back at their genealogy and prove that they were blood descent of Abraham, believed that that assured them that they were saved and had salvation.

And yet, Ellen White says in The Desire of Ages, 35, 36 that these very people were the representatives of Satan! It is hard to take it in and comprehend it in your mind. They had the whole Old Testament. They had been given the truth. They had all the prophecies so that they would be ready when Jesus would come. They had their children memorize these Scriptures.

And yet, as you all know from reading the gospel story, when the Messiah did come, they said, This Man is inspired by the devil. That is the kind of situation they were in and we just read that that is the way it is going to be again just before Jesus comes. It is gong to be a very deceptive time.

As I have studied these statements, I have been very interested to study about the warfare that occurred between the Pharisees and Jesus. The Pharisees were always complaining against what Jesus was doing and they were very successful, incidentally, in turning the great majority of the Jewish people, against Jesus.

It seems incomprehensible how could they do that. But they did. And that success has carried on to the present day. When the Pharisees had a complaint against Jesus, they told their complaint to His disciples. When they had a complaint against the disciples, they told Jesus about what His disciples were doing wrong. That is an interesting thing to note and ask the Lord to help us not to do that.

They never went to the principal parties that they were unhappy with; they went to somebody behind their back to get at them from the back. But they went to the disciples here in this verse. They said to His disciples, "Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?" Matthew 9:11 They were saying, Your Teacher is associating with the lowest people in society--and that was true! That is what made this accusation powerful.

The devil is a deceiver, but my brother, Marshall, used to say, In order to deceive people, often times you have to tell the truth. Everything you say cannot be a lie or they would not be deceived. Was Jesus eating with tax collectors and sinner? Yes, He was. The accusation was true. He was eating with tax collectors and sinners, people that were known publicly as sinners.

Some of those sinners, as Jesus mentioned to them later in Matthew 21, were harlots. People that had actually been involved in prostitution and the Pharisees came to the disciples and the disciples did not know how to answer this question. They did not know what to say. In their society Jesus really was doing something that was not accepted.

Levi Matthew was a Jew. He had just been called. This happened shortly after Jesus had called Levi Matthew to be one of His disciples. Ellen White says in the book, The Desire of Ages, that that incited great indignation that Jesus would do such an awful thing as to call a tax collector to be one of His close attendants!

Levi Mathew was so happy. He was so joyful that he had received salvation, he thought, If Jesus can save me, He can save my friends, too. So he had made a big dinner for Jesus at his own home and he had invited in a whole bunch of tax collectors! That is when Jesus got in trouble. Not only had he invited tax collectors, but Matthew had also invited in a bunch of other people that were known as public sinners.

So when the Pharisees made this accusation, it was true. Let me ask you this question. You have your Bibles in front of you. This is an "open book" test. "Why did your Master eat with these awful people? Why does He associate with them? Cannot you find somebody a little higher up on the social scale to associate with?

Why was Jesus associating with these people anyway? The Bible says in many places that God is no respecter of persons. I am very happy about that. He was calling sinners to repentance. Jesus wanted to save these sinners. What is repentance? These had been people that were in love with sin, when they saw Jesus and He talked to them, He was giving them new ideas about sin, the sin that they had loved.

When a person is in love with sin, there is nothing that you can do unless the Holy Spirit speaks to the heart. As the Holy Spirit speaks to the human heart of a person that is living in sin, they begin to have second thoughts about the desirableness of sin. Jesus was working on their hearts to water that working of the Holy Spirit that had been going on. Some of these people had been in sin so long that they had started to reap some of the fruits of sin. The fruit was not very good.

As a result, Jesus was able to attract them to have second thoughts about whether or not they wanted to keep on in that life of sin. He taught that if they kept on in that life of sin, they would go to eternal destruction. So Jesus was mingling with them for the same reason that He came down to this world in the first place to mingle with the children of fallen man to give them an opportunity for salvation.

The apostle Paul said, Jesus came to save sinners of whom I am chief. He came to give them an opportunity. He came to call them to repentance. What does repentance mean? Repentance means that you have changed your mind about sin. Before a person repents he loves sin. That is why people sin. They choose to do it. Their carnal nature likes it and so they choose to do it because they want to.

But when people repent, they change their mind about sin and what they used to love becomes repulsive and hateful. So the time eventually comes after a person has been with Jesus for a while and view Him on Calvary’s cross, he gets to hate sin so much, the sin that he used to love, that he would let you kill him before he would sin again. That is the condition that Gods people will be in just before Jesus comes.

There will be a death decree and the people that do not want to live according to the Gods law more than they love their lives will yield to the pressure. So Jesus came to call these sinners to repentance. He came to give these public sinners an opportunity for repentance. This act on His part resulted in warfare with the Pharisees.

As I have been studying about the Pharisees and trying in my mind to understand what was going on and what is happening today, the following statement came to my mind that I would like to read to you. It is from the book, Life Sketches, 196. "We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history."

Jesus came to a group of people that were organized into a church and that claimed to be keeping Gods commandments. They had a tremendous system developed for credentialing ministers and Jesus and John the Baptist did not have any credentials in their system. That is one of the reasons why they were not accepted. The time came when anybody that would even say he was a follower of Jesus would be disfellowshipped from his church.

Let us read that from the Bible. John 9:22, this is the parents of the man born blind who was healed. "His parents said these things because they feared the Jews, for the Jews had agreed already that if anyone confessed that He was Christ, he would be put out of the synagogue." (That is disfellowshipping.)

And so, by that time if you accepted Jesus and if people knew about it, you would be disfellowshipped. So where did the people go? Well, they had a home church movement back in those days. There were people scattered around here and there that believed in Jesus and they could not go to the synagogue anymore because they were disfellowshipped because people knew that they believed in Jesus.

That continued in the time of the apostles. Why did Jesus allow this type of a crisis to develop? People ask the question, Why did Jesus not work through the system? They kept the Sabbath, they claimed that they were keeping all the law. They claimed that they believed the Bible. They claimed to have the truth in their possession, so why did He not work through their organization? Let me say, He would have liked to.

But you cannot work with a church organization that fights the truth. Jesus could not do it, not if He was going to save as many people as He could save. I am glad that Jesus decided that He was going to save everybody that He could save. Are you glad of that? lam glad of that because that way, it includes me. Because He is no respecter of persons, I can come to Jesus just the way I am.

Let me read an encouraging statement to you that I found as I was studying about the Pharisees and this controversy they had with Jesus over the sinners. Signs of the Times, April 9, 1894. "Christ is the friend of sinners. When the Scribes and Pharisees accused Him of eating, with publicans and sinners, Jesus said, 'I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. If you feel yourself to be the greatest of sinners, then Christ is just what you need."

Do you like that? If you are the greatest of sinners, what do you need? Christ is just what you need. Why? "Because He is the greatest of Saviours. Lift up your head and look away from yourself, away from the poison wound of the serpent to the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." Ibid.

Oh, friend, whoever you are, whatever mental torture you have gone through because of your sins. You read the story in Matthew 9. The first part of the chapter talks about the man that they brought to Jesus. Mark tells more of the details, how they had to tear the roof open to let this paralyzed man down through the roof right in front of Jesus. This man had been tortured in his mind because the Pharisees had told him that he was such a great sinner that he was lost. He believed it. He thought he was lost and there was no hope for him.

But he heard that Jesus saved all kinds of sinners. So he decided that there was no one else and he would take his chance on Jesus. He did not know what was going to happen. Do you remember what Jesus said to him the very first thing? Jesus knew exactly what he needed. He said, "Son, be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven to you." That was the tine when the Pharisees decided (in their minds) that Jesus was a blasphemer because who can forgive sins except God alone.

Jesus answered them and He proved to them right then that He was a divine being because He answered their thoughts when they did not even speak it. He told them exactly what they were thinking. In fact, the Bible says that He saw their thoughts and He said, "Why are you thinking evil in your hearts? For whither is easier to say, 'Your sins be forgiven to you or to say, 'Arise and walk"? But that you might know that the Son of Man has power on earth to forgive sins, then He said to the paralyzed man, 'Arise, take up your bed and walk. And he arose and took up his bed and went to his house.

Friend, when you come to Jesus with your burden of sin, this is what Ellen White says about it. "Why will you carry your burden of sin when Christ has come to be your burden bearer? Roll your sins at the foot of the cross. Unload, unload. He takes away the sins of the world. ' I, even I, am He that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own, sake and will not remember thy sins. Isaiah 43:25." Ibid.

One of the great reasons that there was such a fight between Jesus and the Pharisees was because Jesus was continually trying to find His way to the sinners heart so that there could be a change inside. The Pharisees did not have this change of heart and friend, you and I have to have a change in our hearts if we are going to be saved.

The number of sins that you have committed is not the thing that has to determine your eternal damnation and punishment, if you have a change of heart. But if you do not have a change of heart, even if you are the most upstanding person in the community, you are lost. Jesus said to Nicodemus (one of those Pharisees), "Unless you are born again, there is no chance that you are going to heaven." (See John 3:2, 5).

So why did Jesus not work with these people? He would have liked to, but He could not because they were fighting the truth. I hear people today talking about them as though they were the church of that day. They were the church by profession, but they were not really the church because as you can read in The Signs of the Times, April 22, 1889, "It is not the true church that makes war with those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus."

Friends, I am sorry to tell you that we are living in days today exactly like the days in which Jesus lived, in which the professed people of God are making war on those that keep the commandments. As I have thought about it and prayed about it, I keep reading this reference that says, "We have nothing to fear for the future except as we forget the way the Lord has led us and His teachings in our past history." I realize that I need to review myself, and I believe Gods people need to review that the Lord has led us in our past history.

We need to review it and we need to know it. I find that many people have never even learned it, let alone talk about forgetting it-- they have never learned it yet. To know how the Lord has led us we have to know some things that actually most people say, Well, why do we have to talk about that? We have to talk about it in order to know how the Lord is leading.

We are living in times when Gods professed people, His organized church, are fighting those that keep the commandments. I want to read a letter to you. It was written back in July of 1987. People ask us, Why are you not in a Conference Church? Why can you not get along? Well, I want to read you part of a letter. The man that wrote this letter was a Seventh-day Adventist pastor that the General Conference put in prison for his religious beliefs.

Now I am not saying that all his religious beliefs were exactly true, but as an American, I do not think a person should be put in prison for their religious beliefs. He answers some questions in this letter. I want to tell you before I read part of this letter, that the same thing that happened in 1987 is happening in 1997 and 1998. Because when I travel down to Florida or out to Oregon, I find out that other people have received letters and threats the same as this man received that they would be sued by the General Conference.

And he answers this question. He says, "We are a small congregation with eleven actual members, maybe twice as many nonmembers. We are not offshoots, liberalists, liberalites or legalists. We are conscientious orthodox and conservative in our views. We very much believe in the inspiration of the writings of Ellen White. We emphasize the need for a close personal relationship with our Saviour as mans only hope of pleasing God and becoming an overcomer.

"We keep Gods commandments and uphold His standards that Christ may be exalted as the Saviour of the world. (Are these people commandment breakers or commandment keepers? Commandment keepers.) We have not left the firm foundation and platform, which God has built for His people. You may ask, Why are we independent? I will not go into a lot of details at this time. We were simply forced out through church politics. (This was in Hawaii.)

"As I am sure you are quite aware of, actually there was a progressive revival and reformation as a direct result of the testimony of the true witness to the Laodiceans, the proclamation of the third angels message and the emphasis on living and practicing the truth. There was a several fold increase in church attendance, Bible and Spirit of Prophecy study groups and other weekly meetings. Then the Conference stepped in giving us no other choice except to preach and teach as they wish or be on our own."

Now, this is one of the principal characteristics of the Pharisees I have found as I have studied it. I could read you many references. I will not take time at this time. One of the principal teachings and practices of the Pharisees is that you had to agree with the orders from their church organization or you were out. That is what put Jesus and John the Baptist out. They were not under the direct authority of their church organization.

"So," he says, "We individually and very prayerfully made our decisions to stay or leave. The most conscientious and consecrated left. We feel that it was most definitely Gods providence that we form an independent church. However, this had not been our original intention. We have not taught that others should necessarily leave the S. D. A. denomination in favor of forming independent churches. Nevertheless, that time may come."

That was in 1987. That action on their part resulted in General Conference legal proceedings against them in a lawsuit against them, which I have the papers concerning that lawsuit right here in front of me. I would like to read some actions that were taken and some comments that were made by Vance Farrell about this same time concerning what the General Conference was doing. It says, "The General Conference carries on all of its functions on tithe received from local churches." It was right about the time that this was happening in 1987 that I was studying these issues. I was working for the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists right then, and I came to the conclusion that I could not with a clear conscience send my tithe to the conference any more.

I talked to the Treasurer. Twenty percent of all tithe is sent directly to the General Conference and they were using our tithe money to put us in prison. And they are still doing it. Now I cannot do it with a clear conscience anymore. If other people want to, they can if they want to. If they want their money to go to put them in prison if they are faithful to the truth, that is their business. I cannot do it with a clear conscience.

Our tithe should not be used to persecute fellow Adventists through Catholic and non-Adventist lawyers. That is what Vance Farrell is saying. This is both an unfortunate and a shocking situation. Then he says, If this keeps going on, the true Adventist will have to go underground and meet privately. Did our General Conference leaders learn these techniques on their trips to Russia when they counseled at length with government leaders there?

Several years ago the General Conference set down a new ruling that if anyone initiated a lawsuit against the General Conference for any church entity, he would be subject to disfellowshipment. Very interesting ruling. Leaders in the General Conference who are suing local Adventist believers ought to be subject to the same penalty. Well, that is his idea, comment or opinion.

Personally, I have not been able to find any record yet, and I would welcome any evidence if anybody can find it. I have been searching and have not found evidence in the Inspired writings that somebody should be disfellowshipped for that reason. But that is what the General Conference thinks. People have said to me, Pastor John, this is just an isolated instance. The trouble is that these isolated instances are happening all over the world, not just in Hawaii, not just in Hungry, not just in the Congo, not just in Ghana, not just in the South Pacific, but in the United States.

I want to read to you a couple of stories because Ellen White says we have nothing to fear for the future except we forget how the Lord has led us in the past. The way the Lord has led us in the past, friends, involves a conflict that is going to keep on. As I was reading some of these references last night, I found out that this spirit of Phariseeism is going to be manifest among Gods people until the close of time.

So there is going to be conflict until the close of time and there is no way to avoid it. I want to read to you about some conflict that some other people have had because you are going to be involved in it, too, if you remain faithful to the truth.

This conflict involved a man in the late '80s also. He was a high-tech professional. His wife and he moved to a certain locality and they wanted to do missionary work. They went to do dark county work and as a result of their work, within about four months there were sixty people. About seventeen other people had gone into an area and began to work and within about four months they had sixty people coming to church.

Twenty-three of those people were non-Adventists and six of them were ready for baptism. Here is what happened. So they have this group started by a layman who went out and started a church. (This is in the United States.) So they have now sixty people gong to church and they have six people ready for baptism. So they went and asked for a minister to baptize these people.

This is what happened when they asked the nearby local pastor to come and baptize these six people. He bluntly told this man and his wife that he would not do it. And here is the reason that he gave: "For I have not baptized anyone in my own church district this entire year and here you want me to baptize yours."

So the Conference President decided he would back up his pastor and so demands were made that this little company disband. Now, just close your group down. Sixty people. Just close it down. It is a long story, but we are going to shorten it up. They made appeals to the Conference. They made appeals that went all the way to Executives in the General Conference.

All they could find out was, they were told, You either do what we tell you to do or you do not use the name Seventh-day Adventist or we will sue you! That was what happened to them. They had to make up their mind and under that kind of pressure their group did get somewhat smaller.

Here is the third story. This involves a man by the name of Elder Lane who was one of the most successful black evangelists in the United States. In fact, in 1986 according to the records we have, six thousand people had been baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church during the past six years as a result of the work of Elder Lane. The problem was, Elder Lane was a straight talker.

Actually, people that are successful as he was in evangelism are generally straight talkers. But anyway, he was a straight talker and he said that there was a crisis ahead for Seventh-day Adventists and each believer must study the Word of God for himself or he would not make it through the crisis that was coming. He talked so plain that it was decided that his evangelistic efforts needed to be stopped. This was decided at the local Conference Office.

They came to Elder Lane and they said, "You do not have enough education. You need to stop being an evangelist and go back to school. And you need to get a college degree before you conduct any more public evangelistic campaigns." Now remember, this is a man that almost one thousand people a year are joining the church as a result of his efforts as a public evangelist. He is traveling all over the country.

Well, he thought about it and he replied, "In view of the lateness of the hour, I do not feel that I can agree with that request." So they said, "O.K." And they sent out a letter to all the regional churches and the regional Conferences and they said, "You are not to invite this man to do any evangelism." So then he was cut off from all the churches. Nobody would invite him.

But just before they had done this, there was another black pastor whose church had been working hard preparing for evangelism. They had saved up about $10,000.00 for an evangelistic campaign. They had already contacted Elder Lane and asked him to come there and hold an evangelistic series. But he was told that although the arrangements had already been made, they said that this man was cut off, you cannot have him come.

It is necessary to tell these stories so that you can understand the spirit that is at work. Who is it that is trying to keep Gods people from doing evangelism? Is it the Lord or the devil? Who is it? Well, this local pastor called the Conference Office and he said, "I have to go ahead with these meetings. We have made all the arrangements; the church is planning on it. We have the money. We have to go ahead. I cannot say that we are going to stop."

They replied, "If you do that, you will be charged with insubordination." So then when they decided to have the meetings anyway, another letter went out to all the churches and here is what they said: "No one in any of the Adventist Churches is to attend these meetings. Even the fact that this evangelistic effort was being held was proof of contempt and insubordination."

So there was confusion all over that area because of all those letters going out. But they decided they had to go ahead and have the evangelistic effort anyway. So they did. It was in a good-sized town and there were a lot of people baptized, about two hundred. Well now the word went out from the Conference Office that these two hundred people were not really Seventh-day Adventists, they had to be baptized again by somebody that was not in insubordination, otherwise they were not really Seventh-day Adventists.

Phariseeism, friends. Well, pretty soon people started to believe and they said, "We just cannot work with this." Then when that happened and people started to leave, they just went to the other side of town, rented another building and they started their own church. When they first started, there were only about fifty people. But within a relatively short time there were one hundred seventy-five to two hundred people worshipping in this other church.

So then, what they were told was, "You are not under our control. You are not really Seventh-day Adventists, so we are going to sue you." Since the summer of 1986, all the local churches have been forbidden to let Oscar Lane speak in their churches and he was banned from holding evangelistic campaigns! How many souls have been lost as a result of that? We will never know until the day of Judgment.

All three of these cases involve either lawsuit or threat of lawsuit by those that claim to be the voice of God on earth. It is not the true church that makes war with those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. It is not the true church. It is something else. Whatever it is, it is not the true church. Keep that in mind. You tell what kind of tree it is, not by its name but by its fruit.

So they take the tithes and the offerings and use them to put the people in the true church in prison. Let us think this through from back in the time of Christ. Remember we read in John 9 that if anybody confessed Christ, he was thrown out of the synagogue. I want to ask you a question. Do you think that it was good or that it was bad? This might be a trick question. You think it through. Do you think that it was good or that it was bad that they were thrown out of the synagogue?

Many people think it was very bad. But the Bible says you cannot do anything against the truth but for the truth. Actually it was good because if you stayed in there, you will receive the same spirit as the rest of the people in there. You will become a Pharisee yourself. Then you will persecute those in the true church. You will make war on your former brethren and think that you are doing Gods work.

Now, friend, we have to come down closer to home than that. Remember what I have told you before as I have studied these things, I am not studying these things to point a finger at any other person. I am not studying this to point a finger at the Conference, the General Conference, Conference Churches, anybody in this church, except myself. I want to know for myself. I myself want to avoid the pharisaic spirit.

In every church, not just Conference Churches, before the end either we will overcome the Pharisaic spirit or it will overcome us. Let me read you a statement about it: "The principles cherished by the Pharisees are such as are characteristic of humanity in all ages. The spirit of Phariseeism is the spirit of human nature." Mount of Blessings, 79. Is this something that I need to guard for myself? Oh, yes it is.

The spirit of Phariseeism is the spirit of human nature. It is my natural carnal man. And I have to overcome that and be born again if I am going to heaven. Jesus came in contact with tax collectors. A lot of these tax collectors were cheats. No question about that. They were pretty low life people. The Jews considered them the worst sinners. That was the worst thing a man could do, to become a tax collector.

When I study the life of Jesus, I see Him continually trying to figure out a way to reach their hearts to save them from their sins and to change their mind about sin so they would learn to hate it instead of love it. As I look in my own heart which is so naturally cold and hard, I say, Lord, I want to be changed.

A few years ago right here in Wichita there was an Adventist pastor that said point blank, Well, I am not a Pharisee. I have been thinking about that ever since. I will not say that I am not a Pharisee. I will ask the Lord to give me a new heart because I do not want to be a Pharisee anymore. I look at my past and I see so many things that I have done that are Pharisaical that I say, Lord, unless You have mercy upon me, I am lost. I want a new heart so I will not be a Pharisee anymore

I want to become a humble, obedient child of Yours. I want to change my heart. Do you need a change in your heart? Do not misunderstand. Jesus never condones sin. He never said it was all right. But you see Jesus hated their sins but He loved those people who were committing those sins and He came to save those people. He came to save you. He hates what we do, but He still loves us and He wants to change us so we will not do it any more.

Do you want this change to take place in your heart? Are you really serious about receiving a new heart? The Pharisees did a lot of evangelism, but Jesus said, When you get them into the church you make them two fold more the child of hell than yourselves. The people did not have a change of heart. They started keeping the Sabbath. They started paying tithe. They started doing all these things: they changed their dress; they changed their life style; they changed their diet; they changed everything but they did not have new hearts.

I want a new heart. Do you? Do you want Jesus to change your heart so that you will not love sin? Do you want to hate sin and yet love people that are sinners? Ellen White says this is a difficult attainment. She says that the natural thing for us to do is to hate the sinners and love the sins. Jesus does just the opposite of all that. He hates the sins and loves the sinners.

But I want to reach that difficult attainment. We have to reach it if we are going to be saved. We must have love in our hearts for every sinner and we must still hate their sins. That is the way Jesus was. And the people that were sinners realized that He loved them in spite of the fact that He did not at all like what they were doing. They were attracted because they wanted to be changed.

That is why Ellen White says that a godly life can do more than preaching sermons. When people see that you and I love them in spite of the fact that we hate what they are doing, something will happen. They will be drawn and attracted to Him. That can happen if we have a change of heart.

The true church will not make war with those that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus. They will go out to save the sinners in the world. I saw this in a dramatic way when we were in New Guinea. God is working His way in many other parts of the world. We are living in the last days and God has sent His servants out into the highways and byways. I have seen some of the chief sinners come in and accept the message while the good people (supposedly good people) reject it.

This is one of the evidences that we are right in the last days. It is time while we are seeking for the salvation of others, that we receive a new heart ourselves. And I want it. And as I have been studying this statement, I said, Lord, save me from my natural, cold, rigid, Pharisaical heart. I need a new one and a new spirit.

The Holy Spirit can give it to me. The Holy Spirit can give it to you for He is no respecter of Persons. Do you want to ask the Lord to give you a new heart? I invite you to kneel down with me and let us pray that He will give us all new hearts right now.



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