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Title Author Issue
Parallels in the Time of Trouble, Part I Paul Rahoi March 2000
Parallels in the Time of Trouble – Part II Paul Rahoi March 2000
How to Meet a Controverted Point of Doctrine Gwen Reeves June 1995
James White and Church Organization Gwen Reeves February 1996
The Rending of the Kingdom Gwen Reeves January 1996
Elijah’s Secret Ron Reeves January 1996
The Valley of Deceitfulness Gwen Reeves August 1993
Sinfulness of Sin Gwen Reeves March 1994
Judas—an Example of a Tare Gwen Reeves April 1994
The Work of John the Baptist—And the Stones That He Could Not Lay Gwen Reeves May 1994
Lord, Is It I ? Gwen Reeves September 1994
Going to Meetings Gwen Reeves May 1995
The Leaven of Rebellion Gwen Reeves October 1995
What’s Up In Ghana? Ron Reeves November 1995
Asking to Give Gwen Reeves November 1995
An Unconditional Promise? Gwen Reeves April 1996
Africa- The Soul Winning Gardens of Opportunity Ron Reeves May 1996
The Church Militant Is On the Move Gwen Reeves July 1996
Paul Pressed On Gwen Reeves October 1996
Who Shall Stand? Gwen Reeves October 1994
Accustomed to Hardship Gwen Reeves November 1994
Ask For the Old Paths Gwen Reeves November 1994
A Bear Robbed of Her Cubs Gwen Reeves February 1995
What Inspiration Says About . . . Drama Compiled by Gwen Reeves July 1995
The Valley of Deceitfulness Gwen Reeves February 1997
A Bear Is Better Gwen Reeves March 1997
The Scruples of Childhood Gwen Reeves January 1997
To All the Believers Around the World Gwen Reeves January 1998
The Abomination of Desolation Gwen Reeves February 1998
Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit Gwen Reeves April 1998
Through Her The Lord Chose to Deliver His People Gwen Reeves June 1998
The Sparrow in the Storm Gwen Reeves July 1998
He Felt a Desire to Be Changed Gwen Reeves August 1998
Beware the Mockingbird Gwen Reeves October 1998
Root out of Dry Ground Gwen Reeves November 1998
The Appearance of Defeat Gwen Reeves February 1999
Ye Would Not Gwen Reeves June 1997
Endurance Gwen Reeves July 1997
The Multitude Gwen Reeves August 1997
Could Peter's Denial Be Mine? Ron Reeves September 1997
Who Is Master of Your Church? Gwen Reeves May 1997
Ask For the Old Paths Gwen Reeves August 2008
Children Story - The Little Lost Lamb J. Calvin Reid September 2014
Children Story - The Foolish Rich Man J. Calvin Reid December 2014
Kid’s Korner- Winifred’s Party Mrs. F.A. Reynolds March 1996
The Keys that Unlock the Bible Tim Riesenberger January 2013
Deception and Prophecy Jose Riviera February 2016
Children\'s Story - Happy, Happy Home Ella M. Robinson October 2012
Children\'s Story - What Love Can Do Ella Robinson April 2013
Children Story - Sowing Seeds Ella M. Robinson January 2015
Children Story - The Plant in the Prison Ella M. Robinson May 2015
Children Story - Seeds and Johnny Appleseed Ella M. Robinson June 2015
Children Story - A Hard Question Ella M. Robinson July 2015
Children Story - Who Made the Bad Bugs? Ella M. Robinson August 2015
Children Story - The Blind Poet Ella M. Robinson November 2015
Thanksgiving Proclamation President Theodore Roosevelt November 2013
The Battle for the Mind Dr. Lloyd and Leola Rosenvold December 1999
The Wormy Puffball Mandy Roshau November 1995
In Fashion With God Mimee Roshau June 1996
Why Apostasy Must be Exposed Terry Ross July 2001
Non-Prophet Institutions Terry Ross January 1998
Thanks to Ecumenism Terry Ross February 1998
God Raises Up a Man to Meet a Crisis Terry Ross March 1998
On the Edge Terry Ross December 1997
Apostasy: Why It Must Be Exposed Terry Ross May 1997
We Have Nothing to Fear Save We Forget Terry Ross June 1997
Don't Turn Back! Terry Ross July 1997
In the Wilderness Terry Ross August 1997
World Mission Report- Round Table Discussion Roundtable September 1994
Patience, Please Sandra Rowlandson November 2008
Children\'s Corner: A Lesson in Thanksgiving Joanne Rutis November 2007

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