LandMarks Magazine  

August 1995
Table of Contents  

The Voice of God, Part 1 , John Grosboll

When God is Silent , Ralph Larson
Are you praying for the right things?

Philosophy of Education , E.A. Sutherland
The original method of teaching

The Pledge & Peterís Ladder , John Grosboll
How to get in Control of the Tongue

Christian Patriotism, Part 1 , A.T. Jones
How should Christians Relate to Government?

Martin Luther IX , Jack Kendall
The peasants rebellion

Food for Life- August 1995 , Mike Thompson

The Sanctuary - Part 2 , O.R.L. Crosier
The Priesthood of Christ

Kidís KorneróThe Christian Dog , Jack Kendall
Condensed. Taken from Stories from Pioneer Stories by A.W. Spaulding


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