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April 2000
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Seeing in a New Dimension , John Grosboll
If you and I are going to go to Heaven, we are going to have to see in a new dimension. We are going to have to have a vision that will change our thinking so that we see each other in a different light than we have seen before.

The Final Atonement – Conclusion , Neil Livingston
We have been looking at our Pioneer Adventist teaching on the Final Atonement. Now we will consider and compare that teaching with Contemporary Adventist teaching.

The Ship , Mike Baugher
Many have been misled concerning the doctrine of the “ship.” Stay with the “ship” we are told, and you will sail safely into harbor. Just what is this “ship” we are to cling to for safety? This article approaches this doctrine from a fresh, new perspective from the book of Acts.

An Open Letter to our Constituents , Barbara Bender
At Steps to Life we receive many manuscripts and various types of correspondence, but nothing quite as startling as the information contained in this letter. It is must reading for all Seventh-day Adventist believers.

Easter Eggs, Bunnies & Religious Freedom , John Grosboll
Many unbiblical customs have come into the Christian Church down through the centuries. How did this happen, and what is its effect on the Church today? What are the faithful to do in the face of apostasy?

Children’s Corner- The Open Door Part 2 , Barbara Bender

Food for Life – And Strong Drink is Raging , Marjorie Coulson

Bible Study Guide- April 30 – May 6 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- May 7-13 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- May 14-20 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- May 21-27 , Gordon Anderson


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