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February 2002
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The Temporary Opportunity , John Grosboll

The Prodigal Son , William Hughes
The impending conflict is right upon us, but not one of us will ever make it through unless we know the Father’s love.

The King is Coming , Howard Anderson
Our world of turmoil tells us that Jesus’ coming is near. Bible prophecies are all just about fulfilled. This is an emergency situation—we must get our lives in order now!

The Focused Christian , Craig Meeker
Jesus wants us to be focused. He wants us to choose to follow Him, to focus on Him. We cannot serve two masters; if we try, we will be out of focus.

The Many and the Few in Adventism , John Grosboll
Many who have a deep conviction that they are standing in the true light, with beams of grace flowing from the heavenly throne, will discover at last, that they have been kneeling at the throne of another master.

The Ringing of the Bell , Jim Harrison
What did the mysterious ringing of the bell mean—and why did it only ring on Friday night?

From the Pen of Inspiration: Conversation—Part II , Ellen G. White
If we could only understand the plan of salvation, we would be the happiest people upon the face of the earth. The truth that God has given us would so fill our minds that we could not talk of earthly things. Where is your conversation centered?

Restoring the Temple: To Arms with Your Immune System , Sheryle Beaudry-R.N.
Building Your Defense

Children’s Corner- The Birthday Card , Alice M. Cox
Taken from the book Lost in the Desert and Other Stories

Food for Life: Remedies For Winter , Marjorie Coulson

Bible Study Guide- February 24- March 2 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guide- March 3-9 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guides- March 10-16 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guide- March 17-23 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guides- March 24-30 , Craig Meeker


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