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September 2003
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What Are You Doing Today? Part 1 , John J. Grosboll

Watching Unto Prayer , Cathy Summers-Timmons
Ever notice, on the nights when sleep evades you, how quickly you become sleepy when you try to pray or read your Bible? Ever wonder why?

Freedom of Choice, Part II , Steve Currey
Civil government is responsible for keeping peple civil it is not responsible for keeping people moral. . . . Government does not have the authority to make people moral.

Four Old Things, Part II , John J. Grosboll
It is a frightful thing when God's professed people cannot tell the difference between the work of God an the work of the devil.

Children's Corner-Tales of a Tennessee Chain Gang, Part III , Selected

From the Pen of Inspiration- A Variety of Gifts , Ellen G. White

Restoring the Temple- Diabetes , Sheryle Beaudry-RN,C

Nature Nugget- Fishing Techniques , David Arbour

Blessings Received from Heresies , Ruth Grosboll
How can I distinguish between what is truth and what is error? How does God use these heresies? He must have a purpose, or He surely would not allow them to come into His church.

Wilt Thou be Made Whole? Part II , Thomas Jackson
Grief, emotional suffering, disaster, unfortunate outcomes, anxiety, if any of these are chronically part of your life, wearing out your mental, spiritual, and physical vital force, look to Jesus.

Ask the Pastor , Pastor Mike Baugher
Grace and Works

Food For Life , Anna Schultz
Cashew Lentil Loaf and Country Style Gravy

Homesick , Vern Shafer

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