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April 2006
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Pre-Advent or Investigative Judgment , John J. Grosboll

I Saw a Great Tumult, Part I , John J. Grosboll
The nominal church and the remnant church claim they are the same. They make the same profession of faith. They both claim to be loyal.

God’s True People and the Professed People of God, Part I , Dr. Bernd Korinth
It is important to know how God looks upon us, not what our own estimation is.

A Finished Work—The March , Cody Francis
How can we march shoulder-to-shoulder? How can we work together in unity?

The Sabbath, Part I , W. W. Prescott
The Sabbath never was intended to be a bondage to any one, but rather a reminder of the power of God to set free from the power of sin; a reminder of the freedom in God our Creator.

The Ten Commandments, Part X: New Testament Sabbath Observance , Mike Baugher
The New Testament theology does not talk about God’s rest, but it deals with His Sabbath work.

Children’s Corner: The Lord Will Provide, Part I ,

The Pen of Inspiration: A Call to the Watchmen , Ellen G. White

Ask the Pastor: Manasseh’s Rule , Mike Baugher

Restoring the Temple: No Flesh Foods , Ellen G. White

Nature Nugget: The American Eel , David Arbour

Food for Life: Carob Cream Pie , Janet Headrick

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