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July 2006
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Unity and Dissonance, Part III , John J. Grosboll

Sinful Independence, Part II , John J. Grosboll
God’s church—His people—are those who are dependent upon Him, not those who are independent of Him.

A Finished Work – The Power , Cody Francis
If the work is going to be finished, it is through God’s power alone that it will be finished—just as it was God’s power alone that conquered Canaan.

Take Heed Lest You Fall, Part II , Marshall J. Grosboll
We are on the way to Canaan, and anything that engrosses our minds so that we lose sight of our heavenly goal and our heavenly mission is something to be avoided.

Lessons From the Flowers , Jana Grosboll
In giving us flowers and other beautiful things in nature, God desires us to learn lessons about Him.

The Ten Commandments, Part XIII: The Value of Life , Mike Baugher
Man is of divine origin, and he is under the sovereignty of the Creator. It is God who keeps him alive and gives him his being. His life is a part of the eternal purpose of God.

Your Bible Questions: Must We Stop Sinning Now? ,

The Pen of Inspiration: Controverted Point of Doctrine , Ellen G. White

Nature Nugget: The Lowly Tomato , David Arbour

Restoring the Temple: Teaching Health Principles , Ellen G. White

Children’s Corner: Playing for the King ,

Food for Life: Carrot Rice Loaf , Janet Headrick

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