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October 2007
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Ellen White's Counsel Regarding the Controversy over the "Daily," Pt 1 , John J Grosboll

My Work in Historic Adventism , Ralph Larson
I became a Seventh-day Adventist in the year 1936. . . . Being baptized at this particular time gave me the privilege of living thirty years during the Golden Age of Adventism, from 1936 to 1966.

The Worthlessness of Creature Merit, Part 1 , John J. Grosboll
Of how much worth is creature merit? Anything that you or I can do, past, present, or future, is absolutely worthless.

How to Overcome the Devil, Part 1 , Marshall J. Grosboll
What is it that could cause your loss of confidence in God? . . . Satan has a temptation—probably more than one—that is tailor made for you.

False Justification by Faith, Part 11 , Lawrence Nelson
The Celebration movement . . . accept a false justification by faith which claims that in justification there is no transformation.

Victory in Jesus, Part 111 , Jana Grosboll
“The Word of God is the weapon of our warfare.” Manuscript Releases, vol. 14, 1888.

Your Bible Questions: Nominal Adventists ,

Restoring the Temple: Simple Hydrotherapy , Diane Herbert ND

Children's Corner: The Dog That Sold a Book , Inez Storie Carr

The Pen of Inspiration : Picking Flaws , Ellen G White

Nature Nuggett: Resurrection Plants , David Arbour

Food For Life: Sprouting and Health , Janet Headrick

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