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January 2008
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Ellen White's Counsel Regarding the Controversy Over the "Daily," Part IV , John J. Grosboll

Restoring the Withered Right Arm, Part 1 , Thomas Jackson
It is important for us to be experiencing the very power of this gospel, because we cannot give something that we have not experienced ourselves.

None But These Will Stand , Ralph Larson
Multitudes, Mrs. White writes, of false brethren will leave us. . . . Men that we have admired as brilliant stars will go out in darkness and turn against us.

The Worthlessness of Creature Merit, Part iv , John J. Grosboll
He is looking at every internal and external struggle through which you are going, the ones that nobody else understands. He knows how much help you need.

Unity In Diversity, Part 11 , Cody Francis
Soon the time is coming when the divisions will be healed and “the harsh sounds of strife will no more be heard in the borders of Israel.”

The Latter Rain in God’s True Church, Part 1 , Dr. Bernd Korinth
We are required to think about where God’s church is, because it is only there that Christ is, and only where Christ is can we get a blessing.

Children’s Corner - Carl's Garden, Part 1 , Unknown

The Pen of Inspiration: Christ Our Life , Ellen G. White

Nature Nugget:: Ant Lions , David Arbour

Your Bible Questions: Who Am I? ,

Restoring the Temple: Vegetarian Foods, Powerfull for Health Part II ,

Food for Life , Janet Headrick

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