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September 2009
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Survival in the 21st Century , John J. Grosboll
Health is something that everybody wants but few people enjoy. Our greatest need is for a new lifestyle. Health is not a matter of chance and does not come out of a bottle or in a pill.

Green Pastures and the Oil , Judy Hallingstad
Where are these green pastures where goodness and mercy follow me and I need not fear any evil having confidence that I am not alone? I desire to have my soul restored and be led in the paths of righteousness, and I long for that oil of grace which is offered so freely to all who desire it.

Boundless Grace , A.T. Jones
God\'s grace is a free gift to anyone who reaches out to take it. He has not withheld it from any person. Yet few actually accept the gift with joy and thanksgiving.

The Sanctuary Furnished with Lessons , Janet Headrick
The way to find salvation is in the sanctuary. In an amazing illustration the earthly sanctuary was designed to reveal Jesus. He can be found in every aspect of the building, and in every piece of furniture.

If the Devil Were Your Pastor, What Would He Say? , Marshall Grosboll
Satan has lost none of his power and none of his guile and none of his ability; and he is working to deceive. He claimed to be like the Most High so there are no limits to which he will go in working out his devious plan of destruction of God\'s people.

Keys to the Storehouse -- Personalizing God's Word , Judy Hallingstad

Pen of Inspiration - An Impressive Dream , E.G. White

Q&A - Have the Angels let go Four Winds of Strife and are they now blowing? , Ruth Grosboll

Health - Are You Breathing? , Judy Hallingstad

Children's Story - Maggie and Her Lost Cat , Danielle Gerber

Food - The Heart , Janet Headrick

Editorial -- Spywork , John J. Grosboll

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