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December 2009
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Editor's Letter - The Law of Moses, Part III , John J. Grosboll

From Darwin to Hitler , John J. Grosboll
For thousands of years, in all cultures and religions, whether Christian or pagan, all believed that a superior power was responsible for man\'s existence. In the 1900s, a new theory was introduced that has taken over the world.

Price of Peace , W.D. Frazee
Freedom is only enjoyed by eternal vigilance. Peace can be bought and sold just as truth is bought and sold. As we enter the last great conflict we need to know and understand just what we are buying and selling and the consequences thereof.

The Patience of Christ , Ivan Plummer
More than 2,000 years ago Jesus said He would come again for His people. Why such a long delay? Is it He who is not ready to receive His people or are His people not ready to receive Him? If He came today would you be waiting, clothed in the wedding garment of purity or be self-flattering, still clothed in the filthy rags of selfrighteousness?

Heart Analysis , Judy Hallingstad
Search your heart to see where it has been this past year and its present spiritual condition. Set some new goals for the new year making certain to avoid any obstacles that have hindered in the past, and seek the road signs that will direct you in the narrow way which leads to eternal life.

Keys to the Storehouse - Desire to Be Blameless , Judy Hallingstad

Pen of Inspiration - Dream of the Temple and Lamb , Ellen G. White

Questions and Answers , Ruth Grosboll
Is it right for Seventh-day Adventists to celebrate Christmas?

Children's Story - A Companion in Trouble , Judy Hallingstad

Food - Water, A Critical Health Need , Janet Headrick

Health - That Hungry Brain , Vicki Griffin

Nature - Hognose Defense Strategy , David Arbour

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