LandMarks Magazine  

November 1996
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Who Are Loyal? , John Grosboll

Which Church Do We Take Them To? , John Grosboll
Send new convert's into new theology churches?

No Guile in Their Mouth , Gary Dalrymple
The mark of the 144,000

Dangers of Compromise , Cody Francis
How does the devil get people going in a different way?

Man-Made Tests , Ellen G. White
Brace yourself--they were prophesied

Food For Life- November 1996 , Marjorie Coulson

Witnessing to People At the State Fair , Michael C. Wells
Your church could do it too

Children's Corner- From Persecutor to Persecuted, Part 3 , Sudhir Pandit

Destruction of the French Protestants , J.A. Wylie
Trying to totally destroy the Protestants

Is It Time to Give Up Milk? , Robert McClintock
Someday will be the time, is it now?


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