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November 1998
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The Fruits of the Spirit , John J. Grosboll

Will Freedom Survive? , Russell Standish
The Pope prepares the world for the National Sunday Law.

A House Divided, Part 2 , John Grosboll
A church that is half slave and half free.

Root out of Dry Ground , Gwen Reeves
The despised and rejected One our example.

Food for Life- November 1998 , Marjorie Coulson

The New Theology, Part 2 , Lawrence Nelson
Are we in the Omega of apostasy?

The Saints Sitting in Judgement , J.N. Andrews
"Do ye not know that the saints shall judge the world?"

SDA Roots, Part 6 , Ken McGaughey
Josiah Litch and Charles Fitch give the message.

Children’s Corner- The Strength of Clinton , Benjamin Keech


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