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March 2000
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The Final Atonement, Part 3 , Neil Livingston
Pioneer Adventists believed and taught that there were two apartments in the heavenly sanctuary. They believed that the work of Jesus, as our high priest, in the heavenly sanctuary consisted of judgment and “blotting out of sin.” Since Evangelical Christians do not believe in a heavenly sanctuary, can there be harmony between the two?

Parallels in the Time of Trouble, Part I , Paul Rahoi
The conflict that is right upon us will be the most terrible ever witnessed, a momentous struggle. From this perspective, let us look to Jesus and draw parallels between His experience and ours. Paul Rahoi

Conviction vs. Preference , Raphael Perez
As we face the momentous events and struggles that are just before us, we must be grounded in our faith and in our beliefs. Do you hold your religious experience as a conviction or as a preference? This is a question the courts may be asking you in the near future.

The Need for Certainty – Part II , John Grosboll
Everyone is looking for something certain to hang on to in this age of changes. What can we cling to? What can we depend on? There is certainty for the soul adrift in confusion. Two arguments tell us, beyond a shadow of doubt, what we can believe in when all else fails.

Parallels in the Time of Trouble – Part II , Paul Rahoi
Every specification of the prophecy in Isaiah 54 will be fulfilled. We will be mocked, scorned and feel forsaken and alone. We must drink the cup that our Saviour drank, but the Refiner will bring us forth as gold tried in the fire.

Children’s Corner-The Open Door , Barbara Bender

Food for Life- Wine is a Mocker , Marjorie Coulson

Bible Study Guide- March 26- April 1 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- April 2-8 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- April 9-15 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- April 16-22 , Gordon Anderson

Bible Study Guide- April 23-29 , Gordon Anderson


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