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March 2002
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The Church that Appears to Fall, Part 1 , John Grosboll

A Different Spirit , John Grosboll
The worst thing that could happen is if the blood of Jesus was poured out for you on the cross in vain, but it will happen to the majority of the people in this world.

To The Uttermost , Craig Meeker
In the sight of God, there is no hopeless case in this world. Look at five apparently hopeless cases from Scripture, and see God's hand move the destiny of lives!

The Consecrated Way, Part 1: Peterís Ladder , Mike Baugher
As a Christian, if you are walking on the level, there is something wrong. You must always be climbing in the development of Christian character.

And So We Walk Together, My Lord and I , Jim Harrison
Even though you may have no formal training, seeking those who have left the fold, loving them and gently bringing them back into a relationship with Christ and the church, is a work that you can do.

Worship Methods Biblical or Culturally Relevant? , Kirk Weedman
Does it really matter to God how we worship? God does not leave men to rely on human judgment. He has given us a blueprint.

Childrenís Corner- The Birthday Card , Alice M. Cox
Taken from the book Lost in the Desert and Other Stories

The Signal of Advance , Ellen G. White
It is a law of God that those who accept the truth that the world needs, are to make proclaiming that same truth their very first work. We must make the burden of perishing sinners our own!

Food for Life: Evidences of the End , Marjorie Coulson

Restoring the Temple: Hygiene , Ellen White

Bible Study Guide- March 31- April 6 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guide- April 7-13 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guide- April 14-20 , Craig Meeker

Bible Study Guide- April 21-27 , Craig Meeker


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