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June 2002
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The Church that Appears to Fall, Part 5 , John Grosboll
Editorial- A Few Thoughts from Manuscript Release 994 (Letter 55, 1886)

Christ's Concept of Fatherhood , Ralph Larson
Our concepts of fatherhood are gained by observation. As we pass from infancy through childhood to maturity, we form our opinions as to what a father is and what a father does, as well as what he does not do, by watching our own fathers.

The Irish Protestant and Heaven , John Grosboll
It is easy to say that you trust God when everything in your life is going well, but can you say that you trust Him when everything is going wrong?

Men of Power are Men of Prayer , Kenny Shelton
The Lord is speaking to us today, as He spoke to Joshua—giving us messages that bring comfort to our hearts. Our minds can know that we are not alone in this battle. The angels of God are with us. The power of the Spirit is with us, and He will see us through to the end.

Demon Possession and Music , Dr. Juanita McElwain
What is involved in the influence of some supernatural being in the lives of people? Is there a role between spirit possession and music?

The Consecrated Way, Part 4 , Mike Baugher
When we arrive at patience, we find that we are half way up the ladder to the goal of Christian perfection of character. The climb does not seem to be getting any easier.

From the Pen of Inspiration , Ellen G. White
Father’s Position and Responsibilities

Children’s Corner- Baby Duck , Sue Bennett

Restoring the Temple—Diet and Health , Ellen G. White

Food For Life: Curry Stew & Golden Waffles , Janet Headrick & Martin Bernar
Favorite Recipes from the Staff at Steps to Life

Bible Study Guide- June 30-July 6 , Ruth Grosboll
History is God’s Lesson Book

Bible Study Guide- July 7- July 13 , Ruth Grosboll
The Decisive Moment of This World's History

Bible Study Guide- July 14- July 20 , Ruth Grosboll
Christ Foretold the Signs in the Heavens

Bible Study Guide- July 21- July 27 , Ruth Grosboll
Signs in the Earth of Christ's Coming


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