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October 2002
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Great Wrath, Part 2 , John J. Grosboll

The Race to Contact the Dead, Part 1 , Cody Francis
The facination with death, and the realizaiton of the impossibility of escape from death, has led many into a race to contact the dead.

Adventism and Spiritualism , John J. Grosboll
The spirits of devils are at work in Adventist families and churches today.

Remember The Sabbath Day . . . Part 2 , Benjamin S. Brown
There must be a reform among God's people in the observance of Sabbath-keeping.

The Disappointed God , John J. Grosboll
We cannot change the fact that God is disappointed in a world that has forsaken His law, turned their back on Him, and will not listen to Him.

Who is Harry Potter? , Christian Berdahl
What is the big deal with a young man who is a hero to millions of young readers around the world?

Do You Worship the Devil? , Selected
Many Christians will allow and even encourage their children to pay respect to the devil on October 31.

From the Pen of Inspiration—Delusions of the Last Days , Ellen G. White
For years Spiritualism has been growing in strength and gaining in popularity by advocating a certain kind of faith in Christ, and thus many Protestants are becoming infatuated with this mystery of iniquity.

Children’s Corner- To Be Caught Was to Die, Part 2 , Unknown

Nature Nugget- Myrmecophytes , David Arbour

Restoring the Temple—Fearfully and Wonderfully Made , Sheryle Beaudry-RN,C
The Muscular System

Food for Thought , Lois Stern
Recipe for Marinated Breast of Tofu

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