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January 2003
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Divorce, Part 2 , John Grosboll

Time , Steve Currey
Time, as we know it, is really a yardstick of the moral, mental, and physical decay that is taking place on this planet.

Restoring the Temple: The Integumentary System , Sheryle Beaudry-RN,C

Redeem the Time, Because the Days are Evil , Ralph Larson
Let us "awake out of sleep," and put all our God-given abilities into the work, that it may be written in the books that we are "redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

As We Near the End of Time, Part 1 , John Grosboll
"As we approach the close of time, as the people of God stand upon the borders of the heavenly Canaan, Satan will, as of old, redouble his efforts to prevent them from entering the goodly land." Patriarchs and Prophets, 457

New Year Resolutions , Anna Schultz
There are some examples in the Bible of people taking stock of their lives and determining or resolving to do better.

From the Pen of Inspiration: Think on These Things , Ellen G. White
God has not placed you in the world to lead an aimless life. He designs that you should be useful, and reach a high standard of moral excellence.

Nature Nugget: Shorebirds Talents , David Arbour

Remember The Sabbath Day . . . Part 5 , Benjamin S. Brown
"The Sabbath--oh!--make it the sweetest, the most blessed day of the week..." Child Guidance, 532.

Power, Righteousness, Certainty, and Eternity , Craig Meeker
Man's condition in this world, without God's Word, is one of hopelessness.

Children's Corner- Spare Moments , Author Unknown

Food for Life- January 2003 , Ann Meeker
Favorite recipes from staff and friends of Steps to Life.

Bible Study Guide- February 2–February 8, 2003 , Steps to Life

Bible Study Guides- February 9–February 15, 2003 , Steps to Life

Bible Study Guide- February 16–February 22, 2003 , Steps to Life

Bible Study Guide- February 23–March 1, 2003 , Steps to Life


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