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May 2004
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Campmeeting July 2-8, 2004 ,
Theme: Homeward Bound

The Widow's Mite , John J. Grosboll

Clean Hands and Pure Hearts Part.1 , John J. Grosboll
Jesus is coming to take a people, and these people are going to have clean hands and pure hearts, without one spot or blemish.

Lessons From the Book of Amos - Part VI , Mike Baugher
Called and Chosen

The Power of Music, Part II , Juanita McElwain
There have been and continue to be many studies on what the precise effects of music are as related to the mind and body.

The Power of Speech, Part V , John J. Grosboll
“Before giving credence to an evil report, we should go to the one reported to be in error, and ask, with all the tenderness of a Christian, if these statements are true.” The Home Missionary, January 1, 1892.

You Can be Happy! , Bianca Vaughn
The more I studied from God’s Word, the more I realized that happiness was to be found in exactly the opposite of what I expected—not in receiving but in giving!

Serving Cheerfully , Anna Schultz
“The humble round of duties which women have come to regard as a wearisome task should be looked upon as a grand and noble work.” The Adventist Home, 234.

The Pen of Inspiration , Ellen G. White
Hannah, Mother of Samuel

Children's Corner - Lost But Not Forgotten , Selected

Nature Nugget: Armored Mammals , David Arbour

Restoring the Temple: Foodborne Diseases , Selected

Ask the Pastor , Pastor Mike Baugher
Musical Instruments in Church

Food for Life , Vivian Semmens

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