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December 2004
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Counsel from the True Witness , John J. Grosboll

The Seven Churches, Part III : The Church of Smyrna , Marshall J. Grosboll
Smyrna is an example of fidelity under trial. They were the purified remnant that came out of the church of Ephesus.

Spiritualism, Part II , Mike Baugher
Spiritualism has put on one face in the past, but it will take on other features in the future, and it will be working in a variety of ways.

Words, Part II , John J. Grosboll
If we would learn to speak in our homes as did Jesus, the Christian religion would have an irresistible power, a charm over our children.

Shaken, Sifted, Settled, and Sealed, Part III , Cathy Summers-Timmons
The settling time is also closely connected with the sealing time, for the decisions made in the sifting and settling are “sealed” forever.

The Intercession Connection , Cody Francis
Sin will be totally washed from not only the books of heaven and our robes of character, but also from our minds . . . possible through Jesus’ death and His intercession.

Rein, Rain, Reign , Paula Currey
We must give God the reins; we must allow His rain to cleanse us that He may reign.

Ask the Pastor , Mike Baugher
Coping with the Last Days

Children’s Corner - Moses the Cat , Richard Lawry

Letters to the Editor ,
Responses from Readers

Restoring the Temple: Diet and Spirituality , Ellen G. White

The Pen of Inspiration , Ellen G. White
The First and the Second Advent

Nature Nugget: Dove Invasion , David Arbour

Food for Life , Margaret Murray
Carob Sweets

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