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November 2006
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Unity and Dissonance, Part IV , John J. Grosboll

Learning to Walk With God, Part II , Patrick Herbert
In order to become champions of truth, we too must pray in season and out of season and trust in Godís care always. We must also become diligent students of Godís Word.

Imputed and Imparted , Lawrence Nelson
"The righteousness by which we are justified is imputed; the righteousness by which we are sanctified is imparted. The first is our title to heaven; the second is our fitness for heaven."

How Will God Finish His Work? Part II , David Kang
When God takes the reins into His own hands, He is going to use simple people and simple methods, and it is going to take no time at all. He has to finish the work, and we have to let Him.

How to Get Your Name in the Book, Part II , John J. Grosboll
The Lord has plenty of power so that the weakest and the most sinful can overcome. The question is, are you and I going to cooperate?

The Ten Commandments, Part XVII: Thou Shalt Not Covet , Mike Baugher
All of the commandments deal with the issue of covetousness rooted in the heart.

Children's Corner: Ten Bucks and A Pony Ride , May Noah

The Pen of Inspiration: A Lesson on Covetousness , Ellen G. White

Restoring the Temple: Proper Education, Part III , Ellen G. White

Nature Nugget: New Champion in Avian Migration , David Arbour

Food for Life: Black Bean Chimichangas, Enchilada Sauce, & Beef-Style Gluten Steaks , Janet Headrick

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