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February 2008
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Ellen white's Counsel Regarding the Controversy over the "Daily" Pt V , John J Grosboll

Restoring the Withered Right Arm, Part II , Thomas jackson
Medical missionary work is reaching the felt needs of the people that they might come to know Jesus christ.

Present Truth for Today - Are the Jewish Feast Days Included? Part I , Lawrence Nelson
No Christian in our day who truly believes in the salvation brought by Christ\'s sacrifice on the cross will keep the ceremonial laws of the feasts and sacrifices.

Knowing the Shepherd's Voice, Part I , John J. Grosboll
The apostle Paul makes very clear that what happened in Old Testament times with the Jewish sanctuary and all their services were types, examples of the reality in the heavens.

Receiving God's Blessing, Part I , Jana Grosboll
What does the word blessing mean? It means, approval. In a spiritual sense, it means, God\'s approval.

The Two Principles of Faith, Part I , Jim Stoeckert
\"Faith is trusting in God - believing that He loves us, and knows what is for our best good.\"

Children's Corner - Carl's Garden, Part II ,

Nature Nugget - The American Chestnut , David Arbour

The Pen of Inspiration - Prayer and Faith , Ellen G. White

Restoring the Temple - Diet and Diabetes ,

Your Bible Questions - Spirit of Prophecy Principles ,

Food For Life - Healthy Breakfast - The Best Way to Begin Your Day , Anna Schultz

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