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March 2009
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Editorial-A look at the Future , John J. Grosboll

Ever Watchful , Ivan Plummer
Christians are urged throughout the Bibile to watch and be ready. We are told that Christ will return as a thief in the night, and we must be prepared. We take nothing from this world but the character we form here on earth. The test of character is the test of our watchfulness.

My Conversion Story , Demario Carter
We are all born naked, wretched, and sinful. It is the challenge of every person to rise above the conditions of our birth, and latch on to the inheritance that Christ has offered us as children of a Heavenly Father. The journey is one of great sorrow and many trials. This is one man\'s journey to the arms of his Maker.

Raise up a Child , Ruth Grosboll
\"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that moves the world\" Ellen G White. A mother\'s job is perhaps th most pertinent role in the development of society. The habits, values, and character that are formed at her knee shape the myriad of people who, together, shape families, communities, countries, and nations.

The Gospel of Peace , John J. Grosboll
What is it that causes some to go through life with joy and a quiet spirit in the face of hardships, and others to suffer unrest in apparent ease? God wishes for all His people to experience the rest that is found in Him only. How do we gain true peace?

God our Dependence , A.T. Jones
When a person sees himself so ungodly as to find there is no possible ground of hope for justification, that is when he reaches out and depends on Gos and faith comes in; indeed, it is only then that faith can possibly come in.

Pen of Inspiration-Foundations , Ellen G. White

Question & Answer , Ruth Grosboll

Health- Liquid Life , Alicia A Freedman

Children's Story- A Glass of Milk , Author Unknown

Food-Galstone Treatments , Janet Headrick

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