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January 2010
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Editorial -- The Law of Moses, Part IV , John J. Grosboll

One World Church , John J. Grosboll
The apostolic church was formed at the time of the apostles and spread worldwide. Through the centuries the devil has agitated the church and caused such turbulence that the true church almost died away as the history was portrayed by the seals and horses in prophecy.

The New Jerusalem and the City of Destruction , Marshall Grosboll
Now is the time to plan for the future. We do not want to misread the ticket of our lives and end up at the wrong destination. A life can be ended at any moment and it is best to be prepared so that there is no miscalculation of result of you or your family.

Two Kingdoms , Maurice Hoppe
At the time of Adam\'s fall, the kingdom of grace was instituted. The kingdom of grace is a kingdom of bloodshed and war, but there will come a time when the kingdom of glory will be restored.

Value in the Gift , Judy Hallingstad
A gift has no value if not appreciated and used. We all need a deeper look at the spiritual treasures that have been handed down to us. A treasure, unless used and appreciated, finally dies away in our hearts. There are necessary things that our souls need and without which there is no life. Search for the treasure.

Keys -- A Blessing to Walk in His Ways , Judy Hallingstad

Pen of Inspiration -- Snares of Satan , Ellen G. White

Q & A -- Is the 144,000 mentioned in Scripture a Literal or Symbolic Number? , Ruth Grosboll

Health -- Rescue Your Eyes , Judy Hallingstad

Children's Story -- Do You Trust Jesus? , Judy Hallingstad

Food -- Water , Janet Headrick

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