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March 2010
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Editor's Letter - The Passover , John J. Grosboll

Neglectful Blindness in the Light of Truth , John J. Grosboll
There are great disappointments in putting your trust in things that are not to be trusted, especially when compared with the Truth. When our hopes are centered in things that are destructible, our hopes will also be destroyed. We need to redirect our trust and hopes away from neglectful blindness.

Removing the Protection from Jerusalem , Marshall Grosboll
There are different valleys spoken of in the Bible. We need to be sure we are in the right valley at the right time. The protection will be removed from different valleys. When the harvest is ripe, the sickle will enter. Which valley will you be in?

Life Sketch of Ruth Josephine Wallner Grosboll, 8-25-1916 to 1-11-2010 Pt. 1 , John J. Grosboll
Ruth Grosboll, affectionately known by many as Grandma Ruth, has passed away at age 93. She will be sadly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. Working up until one week before she went to sleep in Jesus she was an amazing woman. God has worked through her to bless many, many lives.

The First Commandment , C.A. Murray
There are many gods in this world that are put above or before the God of heaven. The mixed multitude in the desert had many gods that drew them away from the God of heaven. Each of us need to understand who or what our god is and let go of that god and put the God of heaven first.

Pen of Inspiration -- The Precious Promises , Ellen G. White

Keys to the Storehouse -- Trial of Your Faith , Judy Hallingstad

Children's Story -- A Good Foundation , Judy Hallingstad

Q&A -- If I go to Church on Saturday, can I go on Sunday? ,

Health -- Parsley ,

Food -- Sunlight -- Blessing or Curse , Janet Headrick

Nature -- The Wandering Glider , David Arbour

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