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November 2010
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Wrong ExpectationsEnd in Disappointment , John J. Grosboll
Putting hope in our own limited understanding is often the cause of major disappiontment. A clear understanding of what is coming is needed.

Honor has Lost its Integrity , Frank Gonzales
Honesty, a valuable character trait, is no longer considered as valuable now as in times past. A man\'s word, sealed by a handshake, was once held as truth without any need of a written contract. Though the world be deceitful, each person individually can choose honor and stand for truth.

Is Christ in You? , Domingo Nunez
Peter, so self-confident and self-assured, thought he was ready to die for his Lord. Instead, he denied him. This humbling experience taught him to put his trust in Jesus, the source of all power.

The Room , Unknown
A faithful record is being made of all thoughts and actions, resulting in an accurate diary of each life. One day that history will, for some, become public knowledge. How will you fare?

The Principles of Worship , Jana Grosboll
The very first principle necessary for a successful life is reverence for God. As this is developed daily in our personal life, this same principle will be carried into the church in such a character that our worship will honor the God of heaven.

Keys to the Storehouse - The Ripple Effect , Judy Hallingstad

Inspiration - The Present Crisis , Ellen G. White

Children's Story - The Influence of a Little Child , Judy Hallingstad

Questions and Answers - What does it mean to grow in grace? ,

Health - Pain, Agony and Death for Moments of Beauty? , Judy Hallingstad

Food - Smoking and Cell Damage , Janet Headrick

Recipe - Nutty Rice Waffles ,

Nature - The Mighty Oak , David Arbour

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