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February 2011
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Editorial - The Forbidden Fruit , John J. Grosboll

What Brings Success , Patrick Herbert
Not until He can get a people who will seek to please Him, will God in turn bestow upon them every blessing that He has available. We often lose faith in God\'s way and try to pursue success on our own and in the way of the world; consequently, success is limited.

What is Sin? , John J. Grosboll
People often do not recognize that when they commit any sin, they are placing themselves in violation of and in a contrary position to the government and character of God and to God himself, because the law is a transcript of is character.

Plague Spots - Few are Chosen , Judy Hallingstad
As our physical health must be taken care of and protected from the plague, so there is also a need to protect our spiritual life from destruction. Many are called but few are chosen. No destructive plague spots will be on those who are chosen. Nothing that destroys will be in the kingdom of heaven.

Five Aspects of Forgiveness , Domingo Nunez
To experience forgiveness in your life, there are several aspects which need to be understood. Without the full surrender of yourself to God, forgiveness cannot be shared or received. Excusing and justifying yourself in wrongs can never bring forgiveness or peace of mind.

Testimony - Holes in the Heart , Linda Gordon
When growing up we paint a picture of our future filled with color and beauty. But no plans we set for ourselves will succeed unelss they are directed by the God of heaven. If God is not in those plans, holes begin to appear in the picture of our lives, causing much heartache.

Inspiration - The Privilege of Prayer , Ellen G. White

Historial Gem - Fearful Rejection ,

Health - Watercress , Judy Hallingstad

Children's Story - Kindness of a Stranger ,

Keys to the Storehouse - Which Bundle are you Choosing? , Judy Hallingstad

Food - I Choose Not to Smoke , Janet Headrick

Recipe - Marinated Baked Tofu , Blythe Hoppe

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