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May 2011
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Editor's Letter - Tradition , John J. Grosboll

Wheat and Tares , John J. Grosboll
The tares and wheat are now commingled, but then the one hand that alone can separate them will give to everyone his true position. All will be bundled--the wheat for the heavenly garner and the tares ready to be burned.

Babylonian Captivity , Shared by Judy Hallingstad
The approval of God was dearer to Daniel than the favor of the most powerful earthly potentate--dearer than life itself. He determined to stand firm in his integrity, let the result be what it might. This same preparation of character will be seen in those who are to stand against spiritual Babylon.

From Trials to Triumph , Domingo Nunez
The most severe trial can be reversed and turned into a blessing. There are certain steps to take in becoming disciplined so that in every annoyance, trial or tribulation we may become triumphant.

The Two Witnesses , Maurice Hoppe
The way people relate to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy is just the way they would treat Jesus if He were here in person. The Two Witnesses in your life should not be clothed with sackcloth but shining forth in truth.

Testimony - Trudel's Story , Gertrude (Trudel) Kowarsch
\"For your Maker is your husband, the Lord of hosts is His name ...\" [Isaiah 54:5, NKJV]. These were comforting words for this mother as she endured the horrors of war.

Lifestyle , Janet Headrick

Keys to the Storehouse - Danger of Shadows , Judy Hallingstad

What was Secured by the Death of Christ? , Ellen G. White

Children's Story - Almost , Lloyd Claycomb

Food - The Optimal Diet , Anna Schultz

Recipe - Wild Rice Salad , Anna Shultz

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