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December 2011
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Editorial - The Humanity of Jesus , John J. Grosboll

Where This World is Headed , John J. Grosboll
The door of salvation is open for sinners to repent while Jesus still ministers in the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary. He is almost finished with His priestly duty of cleansing the heavenly sanctuary. He is coming soon, this time as Lord of lords to receive his own.

Our Past History - The Third Angel , Demario Carter
The early Adventist believers experienced great suffering due to their disappointment when Jesus did not appear in 1844. Those who kept the faith of Jesus learned the lesson of patience and waited on the Lord to reveal more understanding on the meaning of the prophecy.

What About Discouragement? , John Pearson
We live in a world full of broken prommises, broken dreams and uncertainty. Often it feels like we are the only one ... Is it lack of faith to feel fear or disappointment? Life is full of disappointments but we need not be discouraged as our light affliction is but for a moment!

Another Love Story , Bertrand Harry
When His mission was accomplished and Jesus prepared to leave this earth and the people He loved, there was another scene of celebration in heaven. All heaven had waited patiently for their beloved Leader to return and now He was coming!

Keys to the Storehouse - Jesus Longed to See! , Judy Hallingstad

A Call to Prayer - India ,

Lifestyle - Trust in God -- Our Greatest Need , Janet Headrick

Children's Story - The Strange Mechanic , Diane Herbert

Health - Hydrotherapy -- The Contrast Bath , Judy Hallingstad

Food - Vegan Recipe Substitutes , Anna Schultz

Recipe - Pineapple Squares ,

Q&A - Duties of Children ,

Inspiration - Thou Shalt Love Thy Neighbor , Ellen G. White

Nature - The Hercules' Club Tree , David Arbour

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