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July 2011
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The Opportunity of a Lifetime , John J. Grosboll
If you live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, you will not be found unprepared. Who knows,you may be called upon to give witness to your faith before kings and rulers.

Acceptance with God , John Pearson
Often, we are prone to question our relationship with God and are tempted to think that God doesn\'t love us. When adversity occurs in our lives, we have two choices. We can murmur and complain, accusing God of not loving us, or we can look for his loving hand moving within the circumstances that seem so adverse to us.

The Mighty Angel of Revelation 10 , Maurice Hoppe
The most important part of the book of Daniel that was sealed was that part of Chapter 8 referring to the attack of the small horn against the ministry of Jesus in the sanctuary in heaven during the 1,260 years and following to the present time. What does Revelation 10 have to do with it?

Our Past History - First Angel , Demario Carter
In the Revelation, John sees many angels with different missions. Some are blowing trumpets; some are pouring out plagues and proclaiming messages. But there is another angel, distinct from every other preceding angel. This angel has a special message for the people in the last days.

Lifestyle - Perfect Circulation , Janet Headrick

Keys to the Storehouse - Ye Know Not What Ye Ask , Judy Hallingstad

The Health Reform , Ellen G. White

Health - Cancer's New Status , Diane Herbert, ND

History - Bible Land Customs-The Sacred Duty of Hospitality ,

What Happened at a Funeral? , Brenda Douay

Food - Shaving Salt from Your Diet , Anna Schultz

Recipe - Garden Gazpacho ,

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