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Keys to the Storehouse - Desire to Be Blameless
By Judy Hallingstad

Desire to Be Blameless

Heavenly Father, please work in me both to will and to do of Thy good pleasure that I may do all things without murmuring and disputing or arguing. Heavenly Father, I desire to be blameless and harmless, sincere as Thy child while I walk today in this world. Help me to shine as your light today. Let your Spirit be upon me that I may always esteem others better than myself and that I may do nothing through strife or for personal glory. (Philippians 2:13–15, 3, 4)


There are many times when we want to do our own thing and put ourselves over and above others. If you find yourself heading in that direction, be still. Send up this prayer that our Heavenly Father may change that selfish desire into one like His of selflessness.


Remember the promise in Psalm 37:4: “Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” When we pray the above prayer with a full earnest desire, He will gladly answer that yearning with the filling of His Spirit subduing our own will. Praise the Lord for God’s word and His promises which are always sure.


“Jesus has opened the way to the Father’s throne, and through His mediation the sincere desire of all who come to Him in faith may be presented before God.” The Great Controversy, 489.


We are all striving with hearts yearning to fill that need to reach our Heavenly Father. Through Jesus Christ that is possible. We should never excuse our shortcomings but always take them to God immediately. Now is the day of salvation and we never want to help keep a smile on Satan’s face because of our neglect to go to our Father through Jesus.


“If those who hide and excuse their faults could see how Satan exults over them, how he taunts Christ and holy angels with their course, they would make haste to confess their sins and to put them away.” Ibid., 489.


Go to our Heavenly Father right now and ask Him to do of His good pleasure so that you won’t argue or murmur or think that you are better than others. Tell Him that you want to be His child and that you want His light to shine through you to others. Don’t wait another minute. The longer you wait, the more Satan boasts, taunting and ridiculing our Savior because of the unChristlike behavior of those claiming His name.


He is there waiting for each of us to come to Him and ask for help.


Remember: “A divine element combines with the human when the soul reaches out after God and the longing heart can say, ‘My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.’ Psalm 62:5.” Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, 19.


He is waiting for you to use this Key.


December 2009 Table of Contents



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