Editorial – The Day of Atonement

A correct understanding of Daniel 8:14 shows us that we are living in the day of atonement. Under the old covenant, the Passover was celebrated every year, but under the new covenant,…

Editorial – Purification of the Church, Part II

The early Adventists thought that the midnight cry was at the end of the path to the city of God, but the Lord revealed to Ellen White that the midnight cry was at the beginning of the path and was of vital importance to the purification of the church.

Editorial – Purification of the Church, Part IV

What is the objective of the purification of the church? The objectives are: that the church reach perfection here (that each church member becomes faultless in character with every impurity destroyed),…

Editorial – Second Chance

If God should deal with us like we are prone to deal with each other we would all perish. But we serve a God who specializes in giving second chances to disobedient, runaway disciples.

Editorial – The Infallible Guide, Part I

Christ will be to you an infallible guide if you will choose Him before your own blind judgment. . . . If you had trusted to the True Counselor instead of to your own judgment,…

Editorial – As We Draw Near the End, Part I

The form Satan assumed in Eden when leading our first parents to transgress, was of a character to bewilder and confuse the mind. He will work in as subtle a manner as we near the end of earth’s history.

Editorial – Harvest Time

One of the saddest texts in all the Bible is Jeremiah 8:20: “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.”