Health – The Rise of Veganism

Browsing the grocery store aisles, one can’t help but notice the rise of veganism in the United States. There are more vegan products on the shelves by the week. Multiple documentaries have been released on Netflix,…

Health – Mood Food

Growing up, if a person was in a sour mood or being difficult, they were often asked jokingly, “What did you have to eat today?”

Health – Living in Circadian Rhythm

We are designed to have 24-hour rhythms to our physiology and metabolism. Our bodies have an internal clock that we refer to as our circadian rhythm.

Exercise for Mind and Body

With depression and anxiety major health concerns today, it is no wonder that a link between emotional well being and exercise has been found.

Restoring the Temple – The Laws of Health

In regard to health, God has certain expectations of us. First He expects us to learn the laws of health. Just as the natural world around us is governed by laws, there are laws central to and within our very being that we need to learn in order to be healthy.

Health Nugget – Destination: Eternity

Those who escape from this earth with their lives will be destined for eternity. Once mankind’s life is brought into harmony with his life-support systems, he can be safely reinstated into the original plan for the human race.