How to Be Among the 144,000, Part I

I want to look at how we can be among the 144,000. This is a very important topic for us to study because inspiration has told us that we should “strive with all the power that God has given us to be among the hundred and forty-four thousand.”

How to Be Among the 144,000, Part II

…we will continue on with our study of what you and I must do to be among the 144,000 and what sanctification really means. The closer we come to Christ, the more we will realize that within us there is no good thing.

It Is Finished

Those dying words of Christ, “It is finished” was a cry of victory. The battle had been won. It was a time for rejoicing, for Christ had accomplished the task He had come to do.

Victory—the Christian’s Privilege

Today, numerous pastors are destroying the faith of their congregations by preaching that we will not have victory over sin until the Second Coming. As they preach this message, they are servants of Satan,…

Hope for the Hopeless

Although the condition of all the descendants of Adam and Eve is hopeless without Jesus, the anointed Savior of mankind, through Christ, there is hope for those who are apparently the most hopeless of mankind.

Skins, Rags and Robes

In Christ’s Object Lessons, 311, there is an interesting description of these robes. “The white robe of innocence was worn by our first parents when they were placed by God in holy Eden.

How to Prepare

Now is the time to prepare. Now is the time to learn simple treatments. Now is the time to learn simple cooking. Now is the time to learn simple agriculture. Now is the time to learn physiology and hygiene and health education and be sharing these things with our friends and neighbors.

The Door into the Holiest

In Jesus’ day the people thought they were dealing with just a man, but they were dealing with God Himself because Christ had not ceased to be God when He assumed humanity. By His death on the cross, He opened the door into the Most Holy Place with no veil in between.

The Battle for the Mind

“Satan is playing the game of life for every soul.” Testimonies, vol. 6, 264. The battle for our minds will be severe. “Let not the days pass by and precious opportunities be lost of seeking the Lord with all the heart and mind and soul….”