Food for Life – The Lord is Coming, are You Ready?

Last month we celebrated the beginning of our nation, the land of freedom! But just how long will we be able to enjoy this freedom? The signs are fast approaching and developing as we sit idly by enjoying our various hobbies and entertainment. Soon, very soon the Lord will decide that time will be no more. What then? Will you be able to “look in His face and say, ‘This is my Lord,’ are you ready for Jesus to come?”

We continue with our study, from Inspiration, concerning intemperance.

“The liquor interest is a power in the world. It has on its side the combined strength of money, habit, appetite. Its power is felt even in the church. Men whose money has been made directly or indirectly, in the liquor traffic, are members of churches, ‘in good and regular standing.’ Many of them give support to the church and sustain its ministers. They command the consideration shown to the money power. Churches that accept such members are virtually sustaining the liquor traffic. Too often the minister has not the courage to stand for the right. He does not declare to his people what God has said concerning the work of the liquor seller. To speak plainly would mean the offending of his congregation, the sacrifice of his popularity, the loss of his salary.

“But above the tribunal of the church is the tribunal of God. He declared to the first murderer, ‘The voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto Me from the ground,” He will not accept for his altar the gifts of the liquor dealer. His anger is kindled against those who attempt to cover their guilt with a cloak of liberality. Their money is stained with blood. A curse is upon it.

“The drunkard is capable of better things. He has been entrusted with talents with which to honor God and bless the world; but his fellow men have laid a snare for his soul, and built themselves up by his degradation. They have lived in luxury, while the poor victims whom they have robbed, lived in poverty and wretchedness. But God will require for this at the hand of him who has helped to speed the drunkard on to ruin. He who rules in the heavens has not lost sight of the first cause or the last effect of drunkenness. He who has a care for the sparrow and clothes the grass of the field, will not pass by those who have been formed in His own image, purchased with His own blood, and pay no heed to their cries. God marks all this wickedness that perpetuates crime and misery.

“The world and the church may have approval for the man who has gained wealth by degrading the human soul. They may smile upon him by whom men are led down step by step in the path of shame and degradation. But God notes it all, and renders a just judgment. The liquor seller may be termed by the world a good business man; but the Lord says, ‘Woe unto him.’ He will be charged with the hopelessness, the misery, the suffering, brought into the world by the liquor traffic. He will have to answer for the want and woe of the mothers and children who have suffered for food and clothing and shelter, and who have buried all hope and joy. He will have to answer for the souls he has sent unprepared into eternity. And those who sustain the liquor-seller in his work are sharers in his guilt. To them God says, ‘Your hands are full of blood.’” Ministry of Healing, 340-342.

Recipe – Vanilla Ice Cream

Whiz thoroughly in blender:

2 cups water

1½ cups cashews

1 cup date rolls or pieces

2 bananas

½ teaspoon sea salt

1-2 tablespoons vanilla

Slowly add:

1 cup Pineapple Juice

Place in Freezer trays and when frozen drop cubes into a juicer or blender. This is especially good as a topping for any fruit pie or cobbler.