Health – Potential Hydrogens (pH) – Important for Health

“I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.” Psalm 139:14.

Any imbalances in our bodies causes dis-ease. Any failure to follow the health laws causes an imbalance in one or more areas. That imbalance or dis-ease may not be experienced right away, but it will manifest itself in one way or another sooner or later. It gives God the glory to continually learn about our bodies to gain a deeper understanding of this intricate piece of machinery in which we live.

One important aspect of health is the body’s pH balance. There are many articles written on this very complicated subject. But I would like to share with you an excerpt from the book, Beating Cancer with Nutrition, by Patrick Quillin, PhD, R.D., CNS., with Noreen Quillin, Nutrition Times Press, Inc., Tulsa, Oklahoma, 234, 235. This particularly refers to cancer patients; however, this information is interesting to learn a little more about pH balance. He says:

“Acid alkaline balance (7.41 ideal in human veins) brought about by:

  • Proper breathing
  • Exercise (carbonic buffer from carbon dioxide in blood)
  • Diet (plant foods elevate pH, animal foods and sugar reduce pH)
  • Water (adequate hydration improves pH)
  • Other agents, such as cesium chloride, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate

“Cancer is acidic (low pH) tissue. [Newell, K, et al., Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences, vol. 90, no. 3, p. 1127, February 1993.] It is clear from all human physiology textbooks that pH in the blood, saliva, urine and other areas is a critical factor for health. Blood pH is usually 7.35-7.45 with 7.41 thought to be ideal. Acceptable pH for saliva is 6.0-7.5, stomach 1.0-3.5, colon 5.0-8.4 and urine 4.5-8.4. Most foods influence pH—pushing toward either acid or alkaline. Clinicians will spend much time adjusting parenteral feedings to achieve a proper pH in the blood. [Parenteral is a route of administration that involves piercing the skin or mucous membrane.] Meanwhile, there have been many alternative health books that attempt to treat various diseases by adjusting the body pH via the diet.

“Potential hydrogens, or pH, refer to the acid or alkaline nature of a chemical. If you mix a mild acid, like vinegar, with a mild alkaline substance, like baking soda, then the resulting reaction produces a salt—they neutralize one another by exchanging hydrogens. Just about everything that goes in your mouth can alter pH, including oxygen. The acidic pH of cancer cells also decreases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the surrounding blood so that tissue can become somewhat anaerobic—which are perfect conditions for cancer to thrive. Deep breathing has an alkalizing effect on the blood. An alkalizing diet of lots of plant food also helps to encourage removal of toxic heavy metals.

“The macrobiotic book claims that pH adjustment is one of the more crucial objectives of their diet. [Aihara, H., ACID & ALKALINE, Macrogiotic Foundation, Oroville, CA, 1971.] Yet, I have worked with a few cancer patients who got worse on the macrobiotic program. … Not everyone will thrive on the same diet. … It appears that some people are prone toward extreme acid or alkaline metabolism. For these people on the edge of acceptable biological pH, diet provides a counterbalance to bring serum pH back toward normal. Think of sailing a small boat where you may have to use your body as a counterbalance to prevent the boat from being tipped over by the wind. If your metabolism is in jeopardy of ‘tipping over’ toward extreme pH, then diet and breathing become your counterbalances that keep metabolism upright.

“While this area may be absolutely essential for some cancer patients, a trial and error method may be the only way to find out which direction your pH needs adjusting. If your condition improves on the macrobiotic program, then you are pushing your pH in the right direction. If your condition worsens on the macrobiotic program, then you must push your pH in the opposite direction.

“About 8 percent of the population must have acid forming foods to counterbalance their extremely alkalotic pH. Some people can eat anything they want and their internal mechanisms compensate to find an acceptable pH. For many people, an alkalizing diet (toward the left) will help to neutralize their acidifying tendencies, which can invite cancer.

“Venous pH is the most accurate indicator of your overall body pH. Yet blood tests are invasive, expensive and not practical for regular use. A rough indicator of your body pH is your saliva and urinary pH. You can purchase Nitrazine paper from your local druggist and follow the directions for measuring saliva or urine pH. Test your saliva at least one hour after any food or drink.”

This little bit of information by Dr. Patrick Quillin on pH is understood by very few people. I found it to be enlightening.

It is not just through diet that you balance your pH. Balance includes deep breathing, diet, exercise and water. This should alert each one of us that these recommendations are included in following the eight health laws: Nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God. It is up to each of us, to the best of our ability, to preserve our health.

This earth is filled with disease and we have a daily battle with which to contend. Let us always ask God to guide and protect us as we battle on by His grace.

To God be all of the glory.