Keys to the Storehouse – God or Satan?

As I was perusing through one of Emilio Knechtle’s old books, I came across a list of questions which I had not heard in a long time. I realized that these questions may help to stimulate our thinking on some of the issues of the great controversy. He asks:

  • Who is the liar and who is the murderer of man? God or Satan?
  • Who brought illness, sin, and death into this world? God or Satan?
  • Who plans to ruin mankind? God or Satan?
  • Who loves man and wishes to make him happy forever? God or Satan?
  • Has God the right to forgive our sins, to grant mercy to sinners who were once the slaves of sin and Satan?
  • Do sinners who accept the righteousness of Jesus Christ have the right to enter heaven?
  • Is it possible for men other than Jesus Christ to be righteous, to desire to keep God’s commandments, and to possess the same faith that Jesus had?
  • Can man keep God’s moral law?

Other questions of the controversy:

  • Who is the Redeemer of mankind? Christ or the antichrist?
  • Whose righteousness shall man accept? The righteousness of Christ obtained by faith or man’s own righteousness acquired by good works?
  • Whose laws shall prevail and be obeyed? The laws of God or the laws of man? Christ’s Message to the Last Generation, by Emilio B. Knechtle and Charles Sohlmann, 20, 21.

We are living in very controversial times and we need to take a stand on the Lord’s side. Joshua said: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Joshua 24:15, last part). A battle is raging in this world! On which side are you standing? Pray that your eyes will be opened as you consider the answer to these questions, for time is running out.


Heavenly Father: Thank You again for the warnings and for reminding us that there is a great controversy going on around us and that we need Your word and Your Holy Spirit to guide us. Open our eyes Lord! Lead us in Thy righteousness moment by moment. Amen.