LandMarks Magazine Contents

2020 August

Editorial – If You Are Loyal and True

If you are loyal and true, that God who walked with the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, who protected Daniel in the lions’ den, who manifested Himself to John on the lonely island, will go with you wherever you go.

Watch the Signs

The greatest sign was when the abomination of desolation stood, but before that there were many other signs that told it was time to get ready to go. When the abomination of desolation appeared, it was the last call for Christ’s followers who had listened...

The Trip That Changed My Life

This vacation, however, was indeed the trip that changed my life. I was smitten with the incredibly wide openness of Big Bend, the vistas that stretched for miles in every direction, without a single golden arch to be seen.

He Knows

He knows all about us, each one of us—all our wants, desires, successes, failures, joy, pain, ups and downs. He hears every prayer, knows every thought. He knows all about us and He loves us! Sometimes I wonder how God can love us, but He does.

Children’s Story – Keeper of the Light

Mary’s father was the keeper of a lighthouse on the coast of England. The light of these lamps shines at night to guide ships on their way and to keep them from dangerous rocks and shoals.